Ordesa – Cola Caballo – Senda Cazadores


Horsetail (Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park)

We must reach the town of Torla, on the N-240, about 50 minutes by car from the hotel. If it is high season, we must leave the car in the parking that we will see at the entrance of the village and take a bus that will take us to the Pradera de Ordesa. In low season we can reach this point with our vehicle. To start, there are two options: one is to follow the road towards the stands of Soaso. It is the easy route. You have to come and go along the same route. The second is to go along the Path of the Hunters and then go down the one mentioned above. Here we describe the Path of Hunters.

Entering the park we will find a bridge, we will pass it and we will walk in a straight line to find the Path of the Hunters.

We have a quite hard ascent, of approximately one and a half hours according to the march. Once up, we find ourselves in the Calcilarruego viewpoint and the whole valley we have at our sight.

From now on the road (Faja de Pelay) is easier, but we must be careful. The rest of the route is rather downhill. We reach a wide valley (Circo de Soaso) and in the background a waterfall, the Azaras River. It takes about 2 hours more to get to the Cola de caballo from the Mirador de Calcilarruego.

The return to the prairie is by the other way, at the beginning we will pass by the Circus of Soaso that we saw from above. When the way begins to descend we will find the Gradas de Soaso.

Then the road is between woods. Almost when we reach a bridge, we will see up there the Mirador de Calcilarruego where we had been in the morning.

And finally we arrive at the parking lot or the meadow, after 8/10 hours of walking.