Llanos de La Larri (Parque Nacional de Ordesa-Bielsa)


We must reach the town of Bielsa on the A-138 and once there turn left following the signs for Valle de Pineta. After about 20 minutes you will reach the car park. We will leave from this point. Cross the bridge over the river, in front of the Parador de Turismo, up to Lake Marboré, on the famous Pineta balcony. A hard itinerary that ascends up to 2.605 meters. If the day goes by, it is one of the best and most beautiful routes in the Pyrenees.

We entered, by a forest track, in the forest. We will pass over the stream that descends directly from the balcony. Continue along the track until you reach another small bridge that indicates the beginning of the path. We gain a lot of unevenness in a constant way doing zig-zags.

After a long and stony path we arrive at the balcony of Pineta. The view of the glacier on the north face is impressive, as is that of the Pineta valley. We are in the middle of the Pyrenees.

We continue a little further up the valley, in about half an hour we arrive at the frozen lake or ibon de Marboré. We will return by the same route described.