Cañón Añisclo + Ripareta


We must reach the town of Escalona (6 km from the hotel), by the A-138. Once here, we must turn to the left, following the indications of Cañón de Añisclo until we arrive at the car park of San Úrbez after about 20 minutes driving through a spectacular spot. After leaving the car, we will cross the bridge of San Úrbez and cross the river Bellós to start the walk. We will take the wide path that leaves on the right the hermitage of San Úrbez, embedded in the rock. Do not leave the main road until you reach the place of Ripareta, after about 2 hours and a half.

Arrived at La Ripareta, the canyon widens considerably. We start a new ascent, crossing a beech forest, until reaching an area where a gentle descent towards the river begins. After crossing the river by a new bridge, we will arrive at Fon Blanca. Until this point we will have taken about 3 hours and a half or 4 hours.

The landscape is dominated by abundant vegetation with yews, beeches, hazelnuts, pines, ferns, wild strawberries… which gives it a wild appearance. The canyon is impressive, as well as the multitude of waterfalls that can be seen along the entire route.

On the way back, you will take the same path.